The hero of Ukraine is in the cell

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Nadia Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilote one and a half years in a Russian cell has been sitting, it would be an attack on the parliament have wanted to commit.

Nadia Savchenko is not a cat without gloves, to grab. She is nowadays in the plush of the Ukrainian parliament, she is by no means a lady in a suit.

You know her probably …

Nadia Savchenko is not a cat without gloves, to grab. She is nowadays in the plush of the Ukrainian parliament, she is by no means a lady in a suit.

You know her probably still do: she was the heroic Ukrainian pilote in 2014 as a volunteer in the east of her country in a paramilitary group against the Russians moisture. She was kidnapped and taken to Russia transferred, where they have a process, that is wide in the media was followed. According to the Russian right had they to Ukrainian gevechtspiloten the coordinates passed of two Russian journalists,

in a bombing in the neighborhood of where they were, to the life. With her short, masculine haircut, and her clenched fist in the air and she stood a symbol for the steadfastness of the Ukrainians. Two years in a Russian cell, sat down. Allegedly, president Putin her grace would have wanted to provide, but would they have refused.

One and a half years after her conviction, on may 25, 2016, should she return to Ukraine. She was exchanged for two Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine were arrested. At the airport of Kiev was president Petro Porosjenko the heroine with flowers on the wait. They got on the spot a Gold Star and the title ‘Hero of Ukraine’.

Presidential ambitions

Savchenko was not going back in the army, because she was ‘in absence’ elected to the Verkhovna Radna, the Ukrainian parliament. Two days after her arrival on Dutch soil, said Nadia that she or the president would be if the Ukrainian people wanted. Perhaps had president Porosjenko was already suspected that Nadia Savchenko be a troublemaker for him could be.

Nadia run her own course. They found that, Ukraine claims to the Crimea had to give up and they wanted to negotiate with the rebel leaders of Lugansk and Donetsk, which is the side of Russia had chosen. When it became known that they are effective conversations with them had taken, she was out of the party.

Last summer was her own political party kept above the font: the social and political platform of Nadia Savchenko. The heroine made it clear that they are in the presidential election of 2019 applicant would allow.


Yesterday was Nadia Savchenko arrested. She is accused of being that they are an attack on the parliament wanted to commit. According to the Prosecutor, she had plans for a ‘major terrorist act’. He claimed that they cooperated with the separatists, which Russia supported, to weapons to collect that were needed to the parliament by storm. It would be a ‘sea of blood and chaos’ in Kiev have become, ” he said to the members of parliament who had to vote on the removal of her parliamentary immunity.

With her arms crossed and a smile on her face listened Savchenko to the allegations. They did not deny that they have a coup, and wanted to commit, they even claimed that many Ukrainian soldiers would support. She said that the government the ideas of the pro-European Maidanbeweging had betrayed. Maidan is independence square in Kiev in the winter of 2013-2014 three months was occupied by demonstrators who wished that their president would leave, and the ties with Russia would be cut. “When you get this course continue to follow, will be the danger for the parliament is not of me but of the people,” she said to the parliamentarians.

President Porosjenko has its support in the population to lose it. Many Ukrainians find that he is the corruption, not hard enough to deal with it. The fact that he still has his zakenbelangen continues to defend, is for them a proof that he has a double agenda. The population also feels little improvement since he is in power. A large part of the energy and the money of the government in the war against the separatists in the east of the country put.

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