The green light for a transitional period after brexit

d065e1ed81ea3c9c9c99b7aae017bcb2 - The green light for a transitional period after brexit

BRUSSELS – EU leaders have given their approval to a transitional period for the British after their departure from the EU on 29 march 2019. At their summit in Brussels to put the 27, for prime minister Theresa May if there is not more at his, also the green light for the negotiations on the final phase of the brexit.

Concerning the future relationship between Brussels and London. The EU put in on a “balanced, ambitious and wide vrijhandelsverdrag.”

Monday reached EU negotiator Michel Barnier and the British brexitminister David Davis agreed on a transit time up to 1 January 2021, which for the British the rules of the customs union and the internal market will apply. They may not take part in deciding on EU legislation. In that 21-month period, EU citizens can freely continue to settle in Britain.

About the scheidingsvoorwaarden are some of the points not yet negotiated. The government want that there are now additional efforts to be done.

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