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Stoffel Vandoorne after the tenth time: “I look forward to tomorrow”

28f296761e649427e25c4bad25e6c87d - Stoffel Vandoorne after the tenth time: "I look forward to tomorrow"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne drove during the first and second class the tenth time. Vandoorne hopes tomorrow to be able to take advantage of changing weather conditions to McLaren as far as possible on the grid to qualify.

“Today was a pretty good day,” says Vandoorne back in both practice sessions. “We lost about 45 minutes during the first training session but then I had a good run and I learned a lot about the car, what is the most important thing was after the wintertests that we had. The problems we had were not great and we have quickly overcome.”

Vandoorne talks about a productive first day and hopes that in the morning during the last training session to his car, still better to set off so he is still a bit faster.

“We had a very productive day and I look forward to all the puzzle pieces together to drop during the adjustment of the car tomorrow. We’ll see how far that brings us. I think we have pretty good income and feel like I’m in the car have been positive. With this we can really get to work. Everything is proceeding as I want, and now we have to simply push our performance to improve.”

Also the weather can be during the qualifications on Saturday and the race on Sunday to play an important role. There is rain predicted.

“I look forward to any tomorrow on a wet track to qualify. We are in a group where all very close to each other and the circumstances that can change it for everyone difficult. Hopefully we can take advantage of the rain during this weekend is predicted, and we make the best of it.”

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