Still no aliens in Chilean desert

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The mummified remains found in 2003 in a Chilean desert were found, are not coming from extraterrestrial beings. That has DNA testing shown. Shortly after the discovery was there, however, press speculation about the origin of the Ata, such as the 15 inches large mummietje was called.

Ata seemed to be somewhat on a human mini-skeleton, but only counted 10 pairs of ribs (instead of the 12 it is with most people) and the odd-shaped skull was also pretty unique. The skeleton, which was sold to a Spanish meantime, private collector, spoke to the imagination that there is even a documentary about twisted was that it performed ” as possible evidence of extraterrestrial life.

That turned out to be a bit short through the bend, because after an extensive study, professor Gary Nolan of the Stanford university now are conclusions published: Ata is indeed a human skeleton, of a girl with genetic mutations that the growth of her skeleton in the war sent. The discovery may be interesting to such disorders to better understand and possibly treat.

According to Nolan, it was Ata stillborn or died shortly after her birth. Possible that happened 40 years before it was discovered in the Chilean desert. “This began as a story about aliens that has an international resonance, but ultimately it is a human tragedy – a woman who had a deformed baby was to be preserved and then sold as a rarity.’

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