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Sheldon meets brother in The Big Bang Theory

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The wedding of Sheldon and Amy is in The big bang theory in the offing. That means that fans will soon meet with family members of the eccentric scientist. The first guest is announced: Sheldons brother.

The big bang theory has been for many years the most popular television series in the United States. The series is now in the eleventh season, and spanend are there every now and then new characters are introduced. With the marriage of Sheldon and Amy in the future, find the creators it’s time for the fans to get acquainted with the brother of Dr. Cooper.

Sheldons brother

Jerry O’connell (Ugly Betty, Las Vegas) gets under the skin of Georgie, brother of Sheldon. He is joined by Laurie Metcalf, who has been in the first season, her appearance made as Sheldons mother, Mary. If there are more new characters are introduced during the marriage, is unclear.

Unusual hen and stag parties

Kaley Cuoco, better known as Penny in The big bang theory, announced previously in various Amerikaase media that there are a number of bizarre vrijgezellenfeestjes to take place. We are curious!

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