Sean Penn has had it with acting

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The acting career of Sean Penn might just be his longest time may have had. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, that the forthcoming weekend in the United States is broadcast, well-known actor that he his work was no longer as fun as before. “I miss the rush I usually got from acting.”

Sean Penn

Penn put himself, both as an actor, writer and director on the world map. He won two Oscars in the forty years that he is active in the profession, but tends for a while to stop. “It’s crazy when you’re with good actors and directors work. But whether it is a lasting value? Hmm… so deep-rooted is not with me, I’m just not as crazy as I used to.”

Writing is something of which Seans heart pounding. His first novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff will appear next week and the brand new author is looking forward to what people think: “Some will buy and some do not. The a is great, the other terrible. I’m curious.”

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