Roddeloverzicht: Giel rent stripper and Sylvie drilled her ‘in-laws’

a46b81adac28070df538812c0a2268f0 - Roddeloverzicht: Giel rent stripper and Sylvie drilled her 'in-laws'

Giel Beelen once again upset people, Dutch actress Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce yet again together and Sylvie Meis gives her “in-laws” instructions. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A hen’s party, a birthday party, a night out, all great moments to look for someone that for money his or her clothes off. An exciting bit of music, a fine costume, and, ultimately, just a string that is left: a stripper can make for a very pleasant afternoon or evening.

There will be enough fans of schaarsgeklede ladies and gentlemen to walk around, but everything has a time and this week we discovered again that some radio presenters the but what find it difficult to estimate when, however, a good idea is a stripper in rent and when it is not.

In november, Moon Steenwinkel all ‘surprised’ with someone who ‘get the joke’ his clothes pulled up, it was now the turn of Tim Knol. And of course: it was a matter of time for Giel Beelen a trick out of that, but Tim had, this was not expected.

The singer dropped in december very critical of the action of Frank Dane, that Moon cry made. Giel invited Tim from a song with him to come and sing and look to have about the whole situation. “You should be glad that you are here right now,” said Giel, who found that Tim was very much exaggerated had responded to the incident. According to the radiodj pick up Frank and Moon regularly jokes with each other and this was just a failed joke.

Despite the fact that the two gentlemen do not agree with each other about the situation, Tim at Giel singing. Just when he started to a number of Neil Young, was a lady in politiekostuum within. Tim had it right by: Giel tried a similar joke with him to get out if when the Moon was out.

Tim was furious, and ran with the guitar and all out the door. His band mates, just as surprised by the schaarsgeklede lady, he left his anger behind. Giel behind the “it’s a joke”, but Tim was clearly: he is “too old” for this crap.

the Evening was Giel everywhere: no, it was a joke, and really, everything is already settled. Radio Veronica in response: no, everything is well again between Tim and Giel. Not so. Tim is still angry, so he assured us Friday on Twitter. “Let me put it this way: I have ie not to call.”


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