Poland argue against tightening abortuswet

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WARSAW – Tens of thousands of Poles, the street merged to demonstrate against a possible tightening of abortion laws. Demonstrators gathered near the parliament building in Warsaw and the headquarters of ruling party Law and Justice (PiS).

The protesters are opposed to a conceptvoorstel to the right to abortion continue to regulate. Women are allowed to have a pregnancy now abort if a foetus has been damaged beyond repair. The parliament talks about a proposal to ban.

Opponents of the plan were Friday flocking to the streets. It was in Warsaw to about 55,000 people, said a gemeentewoordvoerder. The police kept it at 20,000 demonstrators in the capital. In other cities also made thousands of people express their displeasure clear.

Protesters carried placards with inscriptions as ‘women are human beings, not incubators”. ,,I don’t want women to be treated as an inferior menssoort,” said a 58-year-old protester in Warsaw. ,,I support the right of women to decide for themselves what they will with their bodies and lives.”

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