Peter Van den Berge angry on court

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Not only Michel Van den Brande is angry on the court, also Peter Van den Berge is that. The businessman from The Sky Is The Limit was recently ordered by a court and should soon have his driver’s license going to return.

Van den Berge, left Thursday to know that the court is a serious criminal in him and see that he has his driver’s licence for 8 days may return. The reason for this? Van den Berge drove a while ago at a red light and was cited. But what had exactly happened? “I’m at a red light driven by it, turn left on the N60. Not intentionally, because the red light was apparently all of 12 seconds on red. I had the red arrow to the left not seen in turn, simply a stupid mistake and not paying attention”, responds Peter Van den Berge.
“No excessive speed, no alcohol in the game and manoeuvre was safe, because there is an acceleration lane and no oncoming traffic was. Also no pedestrians or cyclists present on the road”, sounds the further. Peter Van den Berge at home he has a whole brood around and is quite a cautious driver. He was awarded by the court a driving ban imposed, and decided to grace to ask for that driving ban in appeal but catches bone. “The unworldly judge must be an example and driving ban remains in place. Hefty fine and even a little extra money added to their slachtofferfonds to eat”, it sounds the further. And such conviction has another unpleasant consequence: “Also a note on my record for a year!”.

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