Peter Heerschop is called departure Evers brave

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Peter Heerschop finds it “a pity and also very brave” that Edwin Evers stops are ochtendshow Evers staat op. That said Heerschop, who for years had a weekly column in Evers’ program, for the camera of the ANP.

Edwin Evers (l.) and Peter Heerschop

“This is his life,” says the comedian. “There is something what we together have built, where he is absolutely the great predecessor in is, so in that respect it is a pity. But I also find it very brave because he is so hard to find.” Heerschop gives the Evers “that he is now a little bit of time to get something else to do.” “And to quietly think about, because you can’t think of things if you’re in the middle of it.”

Edwin made Friday announced that he after this year, stops are ochtendshow, that he was 21 years old on the Dutch radio. The dj is said to have a different life, which includes more space for music.

Heerschop said the incredible to find that Evers been so long a morning. “For 21 years, and he stands at a quarter past four in the morning and he needs to be an hour or eight, half past nine in the evening thinking ‘yes, I really need to move’. Isn’t that bizarre?! If I were Edwin, I had long been something done differently.”

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