Peru has a new president

4979b546d55b5fea32a69814413ca81b - Peru has a new president

LIMA – The Peruvian parliament, the resignation accepted by president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. His successor, Martin Vizcarra explained later on the day the oath of office.

Kuczynski announced this week his departure. That happened after a row about recruiting votes. From pictures it would appear that allies of the president sought political support to ’buy’ by favours to offer. This was the position of the president under further pressure.

Kuczynski argued that there was an effort to discredit, but got anyway. He did say that in the interests of the country. Vice president Vizcarra returned Friday back from Canada, where he is also the ambassador was. He promised after his swearing tackle corruption.

Not all Peruvians take pleasure in the advent of a new president. Thousands of demonstrators went shortly before the arrival of Vizcarra in the capital of Lima to the streets for new elections to requirements. They chanted slogans like “throw them all out.”

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