Paris Hilton: not remake The Simple Life

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Although they had several times approached to collaborate with Nicole Richie for a remake of their very successful reality show The Simple Life, which ended in 2007, see Paris Hilton (37) don’t sit to return to work on the farm with her girlfriend. “No, that was very cool at the time, and I still have to laugh when I terugzie, but I focus now only on my company,” said Paris in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life.

The Hilton-the son is busy with the organizing of her marriage with Chris Zylka (32), with whom she would love a family wants to establish. “Yes, we had it on our first date all about. I would be a twins great find.” Which dress they will wear on the big day, it is still a mystery. “I have so many friends who are designer and me all kinds of sketches sent to you. Maybe I pull multiple dresses, I love variety.”

On the question of whether her former partner-in-crime Nicole Richie is present on her marriage, the answer Paris is a resounding yes. “All my friends will be there: Nicole, Kim and Britney, I love them and love to have them with me on this special day.”

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