Overmars: ’We want Is’

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Two different 18-year-old talent (Justin Kluivert and Matthijs de ligt), two different consultants (coach Ronald Koeman and Ajax director Marc Overmars), but one clear message: the Ajax-players, it is wise to next summer yet, not to the overseas move.

Matthijs de ligt and shields the ball back for Guus Lift.

Koeman gave his views on the future of Kluivert. “Let’s hope that this kind of young players a bit longer in the Netherlands continues to be each week to play football and to develop further. I decide that not, but it would be the best,” said the coach.

“I’m here with Justin about it yet. He is now with Ajax in conversation about career. Kluivert is only 18 and in my eyes is that too young to go to the Premier League to leave”, said Koeman at the press conference for the Netherlands-England.

Without that Overmars of Koemans message knew, turned out to be the director spelerszaken of Ajax and the coach on one line. Spanish media reported that FC Barcelona for the moment it is dropped out for The Lies because Ajax a transfer fee of 60 million euros would have required.

A price is however never called. All wants Overmars to go unchallenged. In a general sense: “We want that Everything remains”, said Overmars, who that all interested parties made clear. The same goes for Kluivert. “They are both very young to leave.”

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