Nations League can KNVB 7.5 million yield

771b340e9cb36e918b81f6d8117aad01 - Nations League can KNVB 7.5 million yield

The European voetbalunie UEFA has for the first edition of the Nations League, which will after the summer start, an amount of 76,25 million euro has been reserved. It comes to startgelden and winstpremies for the 55 participating countries. The KNVB can, as a country, from the A-division in advance, count on a amount of 1.5 million euros.

The logo of the UEFA Nations League.

The four group winners at the highest level receive an additional bonus of 1.5 million euros. That quartet is in June 2019 will compete for the title and a prize money of 4.5 million euros. The maximum prize money for the overall winner is therefore eur 7.5 million. The netherlands is in group 1 with Germany and France.

The winner of the B division can have a maximum of 2 million euro earn in the C-category is that the 1.5 million euro and in the D-division involves an amount of less than 1 million euro.

The Nations League is a new event, that the often not very attractive oefeninterlands in Europe replaces. In this tournament are tickets to earn for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. In addition, it also follows the regular european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.

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