’Mrs. Ank’ has lice

b53c80acb0f5d741a9651a6dbd4f0786 - ’Mrs. Ank’ has lice

Actress Ilse Warringa, better known as Mrs. Ank of the hit series The Luizenmoeder, has lice. That well-known the actress Friday at RTV Oost.

“I have lice,” says Ilse. “I was in last night, huge crabs, and then I thought: the marriage shall nevertheless not! My daughter was also already to scratch, so I picked up the luizenkam there. And yes: lice! I have it so at the moment, and I must turn in the Prioderm.”

At the beginning of this week it was announced that the actress soon to be seen will be on RTL 5 in the female version of the program Wrong Friends. The other ’girlfriends’ are later published.

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