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Mrs. Ank has lice

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Noteworthy news: Ilse Warringa has lice. As a Teacher Ank hammering them in The Luizenmoeder so on the luizenpluizen, but now she has they really need to address.

“I was in last night, huge crabs, and then I thought: the marriage shall surely not!” she tells RTV Oost. But the luizenmoeder she came anyway. “My daughter was also already to scratch, so I picked up the luizenkam there. And yes: lice! I have it so at the moment, and I must turn in the Prioderm.”

False friends

Fortunately for Ilse is not the most embarrassing situation that they will make. Soon she is at RTL5 see in False friends, the female version of the program Wrong friends. The friends give each other in the program by an ear the most embarrassing commands by: a few lice are so very not.

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