’Melania Trump live in White House’

917608c6b667366b03fb16eee803635d - ’Melania Trump live in White House’

Even though they are a snapshot of herself with husband Donald Trump on Instagram posted where the two are laughing on a balcony of the White House, the First Lady of America, her belly was completely full of her new life in Washington, D. C., reports People Magazine.

According to an insider ’hate Melania the there’. A photo with a snow covered garden, and the text ’greetings from the White House’ is an outright lie, according to the source. So would the former model is furious about all the allegations at the address of her husband, that he during their marriage several times would be cheating. Also the fact that The Donald for so much controversy in the country, it is something that the First Lady struggled to cope.

“Melania has this never wanted. Her family is now a kind of second-Kardashian-clan: scandals, splits, and each day on the front page of the newspapers. She finds it awful to be in this situation.”

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