Man hostage supermarktklanten in the South-French village

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Trèbes – UPDATE – A man who claims to be from Islamic State to be fettered customers in a supermarket in the South-eastern French village of Trèbes. The police have the building surrounded. Earlier this morning, were four cops in burger shot.

Since 11.00 am holed the man in a branch of Super U. The area is completely cordoned off, around the 300 agents are called. It is unclear how many hostages in the supermarket are present.

The mayor of Trèbes confirms that there are two victims in the hostage-taking. Who they are and whether they are injured or are dead, is not certain.

Earlier this morning, four agents in citizen while jogging attacked. A man tried to drive away and beschoot them with a gun. The police officers were not armed and dived directly on the ground. One of them hit in the shooting wounded in the shoulder. That confirms the police.

At this moment it is not clear whether there is a connection between the attack and the hostage-taking.

The French prime minister Edouard Philippe speaks of a “particularly serious situation.” The public prosecutor’s office competent for antiterrorismezaken the firm has taken over and speaks of ’terror’.

Trèbes is situated near Carcassonne, a city where many Dutch people live or spend the winter.

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Correspondent Eveline Bijlsma follows the case from France on the foot:

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