Maarten Cox-is active on Tinder

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Maarten Cox said in Hadiemicha 2.0 that he is active on dating app Tinder. The singer and presenter is already a few years, but in that time the app many people are still sensitive. There is a lot talked about and the taboo around it is gradually disappearing. Maarten Cox, the app works well and there he met some nice women by know. “If you have a match, you can always make it” and “it’s just Incredible how many people sit” Maarten said in the program of colleague Micha Marah. For the Observer it is not easy to in a different way anyone. He works huge lot, and at other times he also like to be at home. On step, then, is not wasted on him, and then the step to the Tinder quickly. There were a lot of fun dates for him, but the right puzzle piece he found, however, not yet. Also for Maarten tap allegedly a kind of biological clock, because he has a clear desire to have children.

On the one hand, the singer-presenter the and consider to take part in Blind Married, because there is still a long process before for the right partner to select. The philosophy behind this is Maarten good, but the singer fears that he will not have enough courage. Also body odor and the pillow of the woman in question is Maarten Cox is very important and there is, of course, not selected.

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