Luizenmoeder-actress Ilse Warringa has now lice

d0396a52ce4bf440a22adade982adb99 - Luizenmoeder-actress Ilse Warringa has now lice

Ilse Warringa suffer from lice. The actress, who Miss Ank plays in the hit series The Luizenmoeder, revealed that in conversation with RTV Oost.

“I was in last night, huge crabs, and my daughter, also sat to scratch. I thought: it will not? So, I luizenkam and yes: lice. So, I must be back in the Prioderm,” says Warringa in conversation with presenter Jan Willem Kobes.

With The Luizenmoeder posted Warringa a huge tv hit. The series broke kijkcijferrecords for NPO3, with an average of more than 3 million viewers per episode.

Earlier this week it was announced that the actress is a role in the female version of the program False Friends on RTL 5.


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