Lionesses remain seventh in FIFA ranking

5bd9ff4c85ad60eb3097653171d3deb6 - Lionesses remain seventh in FIFA ranking

The Dutch women football in the latest edition of the world ranking of wereldvoetbalbond FIFA unchanged in seventh place.

Lioness Lieke Martens.

Despite the shared profit at the Algarve Cup at the beginning of this month, changes for Orange nothing on the FIFA-ranking.
The European champion of last year compared to Sweden in the final of the tournament in Portugal that is held annually. Due to heavy rainfall was the final battle is cancelled and both countries declared the winner. Sweden is a place-shifted on the new ranking and is ninth.

The football of the United States continue to be the best of the world according to the rankings. They won this month by the united states self-organized invitational worth the SheBelievesCup. Germany was fourth and drops a spot in favor of England, that second was at the vierlandentoernooi in the US.

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