Life sentence for aanslagpleger British metro

b6936737081d1e0b50c673b3e7eba282 - Life sentence for aanslagpleger British metro

LONDON – A teenager who is a bomb attack committed on a British train, is sentenced to life imprisonment. By the attack were last year, 51 people wounded at the train station of Parsons Green.

The British court ruled that the eighteen-year-old offender “as much as possible, death and destruction” wild sow. The Iraqi asylum seeker would attack with “ruthless determination and an almost military efficiency” have planned. The man comes after 34 years, eligible for parole, messages British media.

The attack fell at the time, no kill. The homemade bomb went off only partially, but caused a fireball. Passengers thought their last hour had struck. The offender made an attempt via Dover to flee the country, but was arrested in the port.

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