Last Dutch-language album The Partysquad

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During the ten-year anniversary was already spoken about, but now it is almost as far. On april 5, the long-awaited album of The Partysquad: night Watch.

The album represents a turning point in the career of The Partysquad, because it is the last time that they a Folk album. “Given the growing number of activities abroad, the musical focus from now on, for the most part the boundaries. This, of course, the Netherlands has always been home,” say Ruben Fernhout and Jerry Leembruggen, ’the founding fathers’ by The Partysquad.

Night watch is full of musical adventures and goes in terms of style in all directions. From hip hop to hardstyle, UK garage and even a touch of pop. Lil Small and Sticks (Rico & Sticks) stand together on a track, but also Ali B is featured on one of the songs. Furthermore, JeBroer and Lijpe of the party, Josylvio, Bizzey and fellow dj’s, Dyna, Lady Bee.

Absurd number

“We had at a given moment, more than forty opzetjes of songs. We couldn’t choose so in the end it is still an album with an absurd number of tracks; twenty, to be exact!”, say Ruben and Jerry. In preparation for the new work came earlier songs of the album, such as Paste and C’est La Vie, that are respectively the golden and platinum status achieved.

As a precursor to the album The Partysquad Wednesday already been two singles released: Handyman with Willie Gibberish (The Youth Of Today) and hitproducer Esko, but also the clubbanger (ABC) with DJ Dyna.

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