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Kim-Lian: the new queen of SBS

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Kim-Lian van der Meij was not known as the queen of SBS, but that is now quite different. With a Bunch of potters and Verzamelkoorts she has two gems in his hands. And there she is very happy with it.

“With a Bunch of potters and Verzamelkoorts, what this week of 800,000 viewers drew, I’ve suddenly two hits to tackle,” says Kim-Lian in De Telegraaf. “It really is incredible, because it is ever otherwise have been”. This refers to the host on flops as Mindmasters live, Show today and at Home on Sunday.

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The two kijkcijferhits could Kim-Lian to good use. In particular, the success of Bunch of potters will do her good, the talent show is, after all, by its fabricated. “The idea came from my sleeve, yes. But the format is further developed with the producer. I went with it to John de Mol who I’ve let see what a craft it actually is, that pottery.”

John de Mol

John de Mol had exactly ten minutes to decide whether he got the idea from Kim-Lian on the tube wanted to bring. “It’s nice to see that it is so good to unpack on Sunday”, concludes the SBS tv presenter.

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