Katerine Avgoustakis is mama become

d8408c88102b7d0b7994a3372ea62cc4 - Katerine Avgoustakis is mama become

Singer She is mom to a daughter. That we read on the Facebook page of her husband, Claudio. The two were married in the summer of 2015, and it soon became clear that they mama would be.

Previously put, Katerine a video online in which they the gender of her unborn baby announced. She had it made because in the movie was to see how her son Floris in a cake bites with a pink filling. The first daughter of Katerine and her husband Claudio is a fact, and it was Friday in the early morning birth. Claudio has from a previous relationship already has a son, Floris, for She was the pregnancy a whole event. It was the last few weeks than also counting down to the birth. Brand new daughter Olivia came perfectly on time and for the new parents is to enjoy it now blown.

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