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Jeroen Meus at the bizarre brothers Verbaere

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It’s Friday night, so time to kick of the work week for the tube. The most beautiful dash tv that the past few years is made, pass immediately to the revue.


NPO 2 23.00-0.30 h

“When Blind, married bitter earnest,” described one newspaper to the throat gripping family drama of the Belgian Stephan Streker, about a Pakistani girl that is married off. A story where a man is rebellious, just like from that description. As if Blind married not bitter severity.


NPO 3 20.25-21.30

If you last year on One the second episode of the Good people have missed, please be so good now to look on the VPRO. This hour at the bizarre brothers Verbaere is the most beautiful dash tv that the past few years. #wijoverdrijvenniet!


Q2 20.35-22.55 hours

Someone at Medialaan is in a boiler with good taste cases. Caz program since then one film after the other, and now begins Q2. This Sicario of Dennis Villeneuve is the best Mexico drugsfilm since Traffic. Benicio Del Toro is in both, the lucky man.


Canvas 21.15-23.00

Julián and Tomás were inseparable childhood friends. With the passage of the years, reduced the contact. Actor Julián lives and works in Madrid, the teacher Tomás to Canada moved. On a memorable reunion, the two against each other. The friendship blooms open again.

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