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Jan Joost van Gangelen not watching live football because of adhd

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Sportpresentator Jan Joost van Gangelen (43) never look live football on Sunday night. In an interview with the Volkskrant says Jan Joost that he has the diagnosis of adhd as much as possible stimuli will occur.

“Whether it’s Rondo at Ziggo, or Match of the Day, or Studio Soccer; I see it never live on Sunday night, because I’m not. On Monday on demand is fine,” says Jan Joost in the interview. In 2007, “crashed” the presenter is due to fatigue. He was then the diagnosis of adhd.


The presenter says that sometimes he almost explodes and preferably under a stone crawls. He tries to do as much as possible incentives to take away. After 21.00 pm the laptop, computer and tv invariably. “I will take also never had a phone with me to bed,” says Jan Joost. In his previous home he slept to rest often in the gazebo. “My friends called it ‘the paddentrek’. There were a bed and a toilet and that was it, I loved it.”

The world runs by

Yet, adhd is sometimes useful for his work. “Because I have no filter, I can a lot of information to ingest and fast switching.” If The world runs through him would ask, would Jan Joost definitely do it. “Also because I am curious or am I the can. Matthijs has mastered the art in just a few minutes time per guest the essence to hit and go through. That allows me to: as a adhd-from flower to flower fly.”

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