’Iranian staatshackers saw the Netherlands’

036d8a67be6783bea71661c71b4186ac - ’Iranian staatshackers saw the Netherlands’

NEW YORK – Nine Iranians in the United States have been charged with cyber-espionage. The hackers would have invaded at one or more Dutch universities. They are not arrested, but the U.s. department of Justice has their names Friday to come out to them to work against.

The nine worked according to the USA for an institution in Iran, Mabna called. They would since 2013 have invaded the computer systems of the “144 American universities and 176 universities in 21 other countries.”

Also, they would 47 U.s. and foreign companies, the United Nations, an American ministry, and two American states have taken. The netherlands is mentioned as one of the 21 countries, alongside Germany, Israel, Turkey and Great Britain. The suspects were data of scientific research have captured.

The indictment is Friday published. According to the United States have the nine hackers ’more than 31 terabytes of information stolen for the Revolutionary Guard, a special force of the Iranian regime.

The nine are not arrested. “They are now on the run from justice in America. They can no longer Iran to leave without fear of arrest. They can the outside world only see on their screens, but they are their biggest strength lost: anonymity,” according to the Public Prosecutor’s office in New York.

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