Ibrahimovic in the US: “Los Angeles, like done’

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic lives in Los Angeles Galaxy in the United States.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic going to play for LA Galaxy.

In an interview, confirms the 36-year-old Swede that he is for LA Galaxy has chosen. “After winning 33 prices in Europe I wanted to go to the USA to play there, to win and to entertain people. I have a Galaxy chosen to do so”, says the striker in the Los Angeles Times.

Galaxy has the arrival of ‘Ibra’ has not yet officially announced. The chairman of entertainment company AEG, the parent company of Galaxy, suggested that Ibrahimovic is a big star in the US is going to be. “He gives a lot to come here”, said Dan Beckerman. “He comes here to be champion and it has nothing to do with money.”


“LA is a place for stars, and he is one of the biggest stars that ever will play, in any sport,” continued Beckerman his hymn of praise to Ibrahimovic, who in two seasons in the top American league MLS $ 3 million, converted a small 2.5 million euros, are going to make.

The former attacker of Ajax gave his visit, in its way, extra cachet with a full-page ad: “Dear Los Angeles, you’re welcome. I’m ready to play football”, he continued ‘Ibra’ the interview. “I’m here for nothing else than football and to do what I can.”


Ibrahimovic took Thursday farewell of Manchester United. With the consent of coach José Mourinho was the contract of the Swedish striker, that was still running until 30 June, shall be dissolved. After Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France and England, the U.S. is the seventh country where the spits are going to play.


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