Henk Bres wants ’his own thing’

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Via television nationally known Henk Bres do not know what he is going to do in the city council of The Hague, but he wants to be in any case “his own thing to do, in his own way.” Gap is grateful for the support he received from many voters, so he lijstduwer of the SPACES of the board in may, ” he said in a comment. “I do it for the supporters, I don’t want to disappoint you.” The self-proclaimed ” race-Dude’ received more than 1800 votes.

Tv-viewers to know Gap of the former VARA-discussion The house of Commons, where he often openly expressed their opinion. Then he sat in programs like Heard and Big Brother. He also had small films, a program on the local radio station and a column in The Posthoorn. That magazine put it recently to the side after a controversial couple, in which he spoke of “fucking cancer, muslims.” Breach does not regret those posts, but says that they are out of context are drawn. He responded to his own words, on the abuse of a dog in a movie by muslims. It is not yet clear whether his activities for a local commercial station cease.

The 65-year-old had broken the unity of its broad election are not expected, but neither the PVV declined from seven to two seats. It means that he, together with PVV-Second Mp Karen Gerbrands have to go digging. Monday he goes with her to discuss how they can best shape it.

Bres would rather have nothing to do with administration, because he is ’not savvy’. “I want my topics to choose,” says the PVV. That’s what him concerns, among others, safety, policy for the elderly, animal abuse and the accessibility of the city. Breach says that he cannot do everything, because he is not as mobile due to a nerve disease’.

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