Heady night in Amsterdam, now 28 English fans arrested

1098d370e8f26845644b7fc008c57e56 - Heady night in Amsterdam, now 28 English fans arrested

AMSTERDAM – English football fans care Friday afternoon for turmoil in the red light district of Amsterdam. There is more with cans and glass thrown and on the street drunk, says a politiewoordvoerder.

The Brits have the city centre of Amsterdam is massively inherited.

Because of the escalating works, there will be no fines handed out for drinking alcohol on the street. The alcohol ban is suspended. Messages that cycling in the canal are thrown, the spokesperson will not confirm.

Friday there are now three English supporters were arrested, including one early in the afternoon for public intoxication. Thursday, there were already riots in the centre of the capital 25 English hooligans were arrested. They threw more beer bottles to the police.

In Amsterdam on Friday about 4500 English supporters on the leg. A large group of reserves in the Wallengebied. In the rest of the capital is the atmosphere according to the spokesperson friendly.

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