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Good news about Vermaelen and Courtois, the Red Devils train for 1,200 spectators in Tubize

bb55559981732a6f2872e2984ca0b55e - Good news about Vermaelen and Courtois, the Red Devils train for 1,200 spectators in Tubize

The Red Devils have begun the second part of the preparation for the practice duel Tuesday against Saudi Arabia. For the open training and challenged about 1,200 fans in Tubize. After the first few days, with mainly individual work was the group for the first time in its entirety on the training ground. Also the injured Thibaut Courtois came equally on the field and seems to be fit to get.

About 1,200 fans showed today in Tubize for the training of the Red Devils. Together with disabled supporters group 1895 organized the belgian football association open training. That saw the national team a light workout of an hour to finish. But the top moment for many fans came after that, when the players take the field around went to signatures to share and posing for selfies. Especially Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku were applied.

Roberto Martinez about an: “Thibaut Courtois is recovering from his injury, but will in the coming days what further individual work. The same goes for Thomas Vermaelen. He got a big staircase and remains in Barcelona. But I have good hope that he will be there the last two days at will. Also Marouane Fellaini still works individually.” Toby Alderweireld is again. Who played in 2018 in just two matches, but will be up against Saudi Arabia certainly speelminuten. “Toby had a complicated injury,” Martinez said. “But he has recovered well. We will let him play on Tuesday so that he himself can be on the field. Mentally, the good in him, even though he played for a while.”

However, there is one player that definitely needs to drop out before the match on Tuesday. “Jordan Lukaku will return to Lazio, where he is on his recovery, will work,” Martinez said. In addition, it was everyone on the field for the open training. This is the last interlandperiode for the final preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and it looks to be that the 23 players who joined to Russia may be largely out of the current group. “I want to be in this training camp to have an idea of how good everyone is. The 28 who are here to make a good chance to be present at the world cup. Although there are still some other guys that we keep a close eye (such as Benteke, Chadli and Kabasele, eds.). But the greatest part of the world cup group will be out this core of 28.”

Dembélé: “There is hype around me”

It is look out for which players Roberto Martinez chose on the society. Axel Witsel is normally an undisputed owner in Martinez, but Mousa Dembélé gets nowadays a very high level for Tottenham. “If I’ve ever been better played? Anyway, I think. We now have a series of topmatchen had with, among others, that duels in the Champions League, so it is harder. Now there is a bit of a hype around me, but I have never been so well played, you know (laughs). But now is it just better because it is in the Champions League.” Tottenham trainer Mauricio Pochettino compared Dembélé recently with Diego Maradona. “The trainer has me three years back all such compliments. It is nice to be appreciated.”

Yet, he is at the Red Devils not sure of a rise. “We have many good midfielders. I try not to much to think about. No matter who plays, it will be incredibly good. But I do think that I can be important for the team. But everyone thinks, hey (laughs). What can I better than Axel Witsel? That is a difficult question. He is also a balvaste player. All wanting to work, I can perhaps be a little easier for someone passed.”

Meunier: “There must be a solution”

“I come less to the bucket at PSG than I would like”, said Thomas Meunier. “All of this has the advantage that I am still a fresh. For the world cup can be that good. But for next season I would like to have a solution. I’m not an eighteen year more and wants to play. But it is still too early to make a decision about my future. There can so much change at PSG. Who knows, leave the trainer. I’m going to wait until after the world cup.”

Meunier looked equally forward to the contest of Tuesday. “We can Saudi Arabia compare with world cup opponent Tunisia”, says the flankverdediger of Paris Saint-Germain. “They have a good team. Individually, they are maybe a little less, they have no top players. But it is a good chance to make our system even better at grinding. If we are against an opponent with three strikers, we need our system to maybe adjust something. That is something that we are against Saudi Arabia tests.”gegy

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