Gijzelnemer South-French supermarket shot

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Trèbes – UPDATE – The man who, in a supermarket in the South of france the Lower eight people hostage held by the police shot. According to the authorities fell on the hostage two dead and a total of sixteen injured people: the butcher from the supermarket would be one of the dead. This would be two people from their car, robbed, shot. Certainly one, possibly two victims are deceased.

The offender requires, according to French media, the release of Salah Abdeslam (on a photo).

Our correspondent is in France. Her tweets read bottom of this article.


  • Shooter rode in on four joggende agents, shoot at them and injures agent
  • Two people in the car shot in Carcassonne during carjacking
  • Two fatalities during a hostage crisis in a supermarket in Trèbes
  • High military is shot
  • Offender shot and killed during raid by police
  • French media: suspect is 26-year-old Redouane Lakdim, a well-known police
  • IS claims attack on, president Macron speaks of terror

The terrorist caused three dead and several injured. He opened the first fire on a group of police officers in the historic town of Carcassonne, which an agent was wounded. Then, he shot a motorist to death before he the people in a supermarket in the nearby Trèbes in hostage-taking took.

Since 11.00 am entrenched the gijzelnemer in the establishment of a Super U. It would go to a 26-year-old man of Moroccan origin, a well-known of the intelligence agencies. French media report that he Redouane Lakdim hot. According to the French minister of the Interior, he was, in contrast to what was previously claimed, not well known to the security services because of possible radicalisation. He was an acquaintance of the police, but this is due to drug-related offences.

Around 300 cops were called. The gijzelnemer would be one or more grenades have had and have been called: “I am a soldier!” and “Allah is great!”. The shooter would the release have demanded of Salah Abdeslam, the only terrorist from the attacks in Paris in 2015, which is still alive. Abdeslam is stuck in France.

IS the attack claimed.

Mother arrived

The mother and sister of the gunman arrived at the supermarket to help in the negotiations, writes La Dépêche. Other family members of the suspect, who is in the nearby Carcassonne live, have been arrested.

The police, despite massive bet will not be able to prevent casualties in the supermarket. The shooter would be a lieutenant-colonel, who with his consent was exchanged for a captured woman in the supermarket, have shot. He is seriously wounded. Also would he be the butcher of the store have been killed.

The high military with serious injuries are in hospital, is honored for his heroic action. Gérard Collomb, the French minister of the Interior, says: “His heroism and courage deserve respect.”

Similar in Carcassonne

In the neighbourhood of the historical castle in Carcassonne, the gunman, according to French media before the hostage-taking two people from their car, robbed and shot at. The trade union of the police confirms that one of these occupants by his head shot. It is unclear whether both of the victims have died. According to the latest reports, there would be two wounded in critical condition.

Agents attacked

Earlier this morning, four agents in citizen while jogging attacked in Carcassonne. One man tried them around 10: 30, first to drive and beschoot them with a gun. To it seems to be used the shooter’s car that he had stolen.

The police officers were not armed and dived directly on the ground. One of them hit in the shooting were injured. The police confirms that he is not in danger condition. According to French media, refused the weapon of the shooter during the attack.

French media write that the perpetrator after the attack on the agents on the flight hit, and then the supermarket ran, then the hostage taking took place.


According to the French president Emmanuel Macron has the hostage in a supermarket in the South of france the Lower all the way to a terrorist attack. The minister of the Interior tweette that he was on his way to the Lower.

Trèbes is located 5 km from Carcassonne, a tourist resort in the Aude region, where many Dutch people live or spend the winter.

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