French president Macron: “Everything points to a terrorist act’

d9c6d35470e18a70c99da47a3aad191b - French president Macron: "Everything points to a terrorist act'

French president Emmanuel Macron, currently in Brussels for the European summit, at a press conference there to talk about the hostage crisis in the French Tèbes. People were certainly two dead and several injured.

‘There has become a hostage taken place in France, and which is still ongoing”, said Macron. All the evidence indicates that it is a terrorist act.’

“The emergency services are very quickly intervened’, and thanked Macron. “I want to express my support to anyone who by this act is touched. I want the inhabitants of Trèbes, all citizens and in particular the security services to ensure that we do everything to make the situation secure.’

“I will in a few hours in Paris and from there to the surgery to coordinate’, decided Macron, who did not wish to comment on the number of victims.

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