French media: gijzelnemer South-French supermarket shot

Trèbes – UPDATE – The man who, in a supermarket in the South of france the Lower eight people hostage held by the police shot. That report French media. According to the authorities fell on the hostage two dead and three wounded: according to the mayor is the butcher of the supermarket one of them. Our correspondent is in France. Her tweets you can read below this article.

French media: gijzelnemer South-French supermarket shot

The offender requires, according to French media, the release of Salah Abdeslam (on a photo).

Since 11.00 am entrenched the gijzelnemer located in a branch of Super U and It would go to a Moroccan man, a well-known of the intelligence agencies. On the basis of registration number, would his identity have become obsolete. The radio station France Info reports that the man is recorded in a database to combat terrorism and radicalisation.

He would the release have demanded of Salah Abdeslam, the only terrorist from the attacks in Paris in 2015, which is still alive. Abdeslam is stuck in France.

The area is completely cordoned off, around the 300 agents are called. The gijzelnemer would be one or more grenades have had and have been called: “I am a soldier!”.

Mother arrived

His mother arrived also at the supermarket, writes La Dépêche. Other family members of the suspect, who is in the nearby Carcassonne live, have been arrested. The police had the building surrounded.

Corpse found

Hours after the beginning of the hostage is a body is found in the neighbourhood of the historical castle in Carcassonne, according to La Dépêche. Or something with the shooting and the hostage-taking is unclear. The trade union of the police suggests that, by stating that the gijzelnemer for the violence in the supermarket a person by his head shot.

About the number of casualties are divergent messages disseminated by the authorities. According to the latest statement of the minister of Home Affairs is going to certainly two dead and three wounded. The French channel BFM TV reported that witnesses speak of ’dozens injured’. This has not been confirmed.

Agents attacked

Earlier this morning, four agents in citizen while jogging attacked in Carcassonne. One man tried them around 10: 30, first to drive and beschoot them with a gun. The police officers were not armed and dived directly on the ground. One of them hit in the shooting wounded in the shoulder. That confirms the police. According to French media, refused the weapon of the shooter during the attack.

At this time, not sure if there is a connection between the attack and the hostage-taking. French media generate that suggestion and write that the two men after the attack on the agents on the flight and hit one of them then the supermarket ran, then the hostage taking took place.


The French prime minister Edouard Philippe speaks of a “very serious situation”. The public prosecutor’s office competent for antiterrorismezaken the firm has taken over and speaks of ’terror’. The minister of the Interior to tweet that he is on the way.

Trèbes is situated near Carcassonne, a tourist place where many Dutch people live or spend the winter.

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Correspondent Eveline Bijlsma follows the case from France on the foot:

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