Former Playboy model talks about ‘intimate relationship’ with Donald Trump

46ee7e1e4916c274d79f5cceabb7211b - Former Playboy model talks about ‘intimate relationship’ with Donald Trump

The former playmate Karen McDougal on CNN told her to say intimate relationship with Donald Trump, the president of the United States. That even though they are a zwijgcontract signed in 2016.

The former model told CNN icon Anderson Cooper that she was from 2006 to 2007 had a sexual relation with Donald Trump. Long before he was president, but he was at that time little more than a year married to Melania Trump, the current first lady of the United States.

“We saw each other at least five times per month’, told McDougal during the television interview. “He paid for all my airfare for me. I thought at that moment that I was the only one with whom he was intimate was, outside of his wife.”

The confession of McDougal is especially remarkable because the woman in 2016, zwijgcontract signed with American Media Inc., just a few months before the presidential election. American Media Inc. is the owner of The National Enquirer, a newspaper. McDougal got for her story, 150,000 dollars, in exchange, promised they had nothing else to tell about her amorous escapades with Trump.

Cover up

The National Enquirer published the story, however, never, and by the contract could be McDougal also nowhere else to lose. So ended up in the cover up, what was intended. In that way, would the campaign team of Trump have assured that the story is not leaked during his election campaign for the presidential elections. Parent Company American Media Inc. is in the hands of a good friend of Donald Trump.

McDougal, in the meantime, American Media Inc. already sued to the zwijgcontract to escape, but on a ruling of the court, she has not been waiting for.

Stormy Daniels

It is the second time in a short period of time that Trump that way being embarrassed. Porno Stormy Daniels stepped in this month to the judge for a zwijgcontract, for which they 130.000 dollar received, to disconnect. They also say that they a months-long sexual relationship with Trump has had.

And now it also appears Daniels no longer want to wait on a ruling of the court. The porno is Sunday night against journalist Anderson Cooper for a similar interview.

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