Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde becomes a father

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Giedo van der Garde and his wife Denise are expecting a child. The 32-year-old former F1 driver made the news to the world via his Twitter.

With a picture of an echo writes Van der Garde: “Communication: Very proud to announce that we have a third family member. We are extremely happy and in the clouds.”

It is for Van der Garde and his wife, Denise, daughter of entrepreneur and investor Marcel Debates, their first child. The couple has since 2013 been married.

Formula 1

Van der Garde came in 2013 as the second driver for the Formula 1 team Caterham. His stay in the king’s class of the world was limited to one season.

He was in 2014 still test driver for Sauber in 2015, a seat man, but ultimately chose the team for Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson. Van der Garde made ready a number of lawsuits and sent eventually for allegedly millions of dollars.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Very proud to announce the third family member, we’re extremely happy and living on cloud nine.
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