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Family Guy-makers reveal the sexuality of Stewie

2c8574247df3f0975b9fbb8019d7b5ce - Family Guy-makers reveal the sexuality of Stewie

Stewie Griffin is one of the most popular characters from the animated series Family Guy. His sexuality is often discussed, but it was never clear whether he is heterosexual or homosexual. Until now.

The creators of Family Guy have in recent years often been implied that Stewie on men. A lot of fans think, therefore, to make sure that the youngest member of the family Griffin is gay. Yet prayed he multiple times with girls. So barn Olivia Fuller the heart of the eccentric toddler. But what is the actual sexual orientation of Stewie? To that question came in the episode Send in the Stewie: finally an answer.


In this episode, you play only Stewie and therapist Dr. Cornelius Pritchfield (Sir Ian McKellen) have a role. Quickly tells Stewie that he himself not as a homosexual, but rather as a fluid character when it comes to his sexuality. Viewers gather from this that he is bisexual.

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