Family equipment of the victim (16) shooting from

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BALTIMORE – The parents of a 16-year-old student of an American school that Tuesday had been severely wounded in a shooting, the equipment that her life keeps turning off.

According to the mother of the Jaelynn Willey is the girl is brain dead and there is no chance that they ever have in knowledge. It is almost certain that the girl soon after the turn off of the equipment dies.

The boy at a high school in the U.s. city of Baltimore on the girl and a fellow student protects her lap, died in a hospital after a security guard was shot. The other victim, a boy, survived the shooting. About the motive is still unclear.

Gun control

The shooting comes almost a week after scholierenprotesten across the country against legislation on the possession of firearms in most states are much too lax. The occasion was the massacre of 14 February in Florida, where a nineteen-year-old former student at a high school with a semi-automatic weapon, fourteen students and three adults doodschoot.

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