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F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton makes for racismerelletje

F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton makes for racismerelletje

Lewis Hamilton has already immediately during the first race weekend of the new F1 season for a racismerelletje taken care of.

Hamilton posted on Instagram a video in which he is the F1-paddock filmed and that primarily white people. Specified Hamilton then a sizeable caption.

“There is hardly diversity in the Formula 1, there is almost nothing changed in the eleven years that I was in the sport,” said Hamilton.

At the same time he did in the same post on Instagram a sort of call: “Children, people, there are so many jobs in this sport. Regardless of your ethnicity or background, everyone can get good at it. #Diversity #You can do it also.”

Shortly after the post appeared on Instagram-stories, he was removed. Of course, too late to avoid the further spread on the internet to prevent.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner did not agree with Hamilton. According to Horner, there is certainly a lot has changed in Formula 1 and he finds the note from Hamilton’s ridiculous and inappropriate.

“I haven’t really counted but I can say that the Formula 1 is really multicultural. Just look at the teams and their garages. I think it’s a little crazy that he’s on a Thursday so a point would be a day where you can’t see who the race all to attend and where there are less people around.”

Besides, it is not the first time that Hamilton racism in there brings in the F1. During the GP of Monaco in 2011 was Hamilton twice punished. After the end of the race he expressed a Hamilton firm criticism of the stewards and he asked himself, openly wondering why two times he was punished: “Maybe it’s because I’m black?”

It is the umpteenth incident with Hamilton on social media. The Brit is known to have a lot to share with his fans and that makes already once for ‘inappropriate posts’ on strong criticism at what he does in his free time.

A few months got Hamilton a lot of criticism because he is his nephew in a prinsessenjurk had said that boys are not prinsessenjurk hear to wear. Then disappeared the posts of Hamilton on Twitter and Instagram. According to Hamilton it was already planned that he all of his posts on social media would remove, all gave the Brit afterwards that it happened at a good time.

Hamilton dropped when also know that he is more cautious would be more carefully with what he would share on the social media …

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