Evers gets deep bow of radiocollega’s

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The news that Edwin Evers after 21 years of stops are ochtendshow also has its ’competitors’ reach. They show on social media to show their respect for the “radiokoning”.

Domien Verschuuren (l.), Mattie Falcon (m.) and Gerard Ekdom

“Deep bow for Edwin Evers! After 21 years he resigned from his radio show. #hero #legend #ochtendshow #eindelijkuitslapen #respect”, answered Gerard Ekdom, who every morning at NPO Radio 2 is heard.

Also Mattie Valk, which is a ochtendshow presents on Qmusic, made a very deep bow.” ”For 21 years. What a performance”, tweeted the dj.

Domien Verschuuren, that the listeners of NPO 3FM helps to get up, was shocked by the news. “Wow. Evers!”, tweeted he.

Also other radio dj’s were shocked at the end of Evers staat op. “Never a little tear left to a colleague who stops with a radio show, but for everything a first time. What do you want after 21 years of listening. What is beautiful from the heart spoken”, tweeted fellow-538-dj Coen Swijnenberg. He called it the stop of Evers staat op “the biggest news since the times.” “I can believe I still cannot grasp that this is really going to happen. Fortunately, we have at Radio 538 still the whole year to make a place for his statue.”

Edwin Evers made Friday known to stop his successful ochtendshow Evers staat op. That began on 1 January 1998 at 3FM radio and is the longest-running ochtendshow of the Dutch radio. Since april 2000 Evers to hear at 538. If the program at the end of this year stops, it is 21 years of continuous been possible to hear on the national radio.

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