EU-countries: Russia behind attack of nerve

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BRUSSELS – the leaders of The EU countries agree that Russia most likely behind the zenuwgasaanval in Salisbury on the old-double agent Sergei Skripal. According to them there is no other plausible explanation for this, proposed to the 28 after more than 3 hours of deliberation on Russia at a summit in Brussels.

Macron, May & Merkel.

The EU-countries to condemn the attack in the “strongest possible terms.” “Our solidarity with the United Kingdom is unconditional.” The British prime minister May, the German chancellor angela Merkel and the French president, Macron had for dinner deliberated on a stronger condemnation of the attack and knew about their colleagues to convince.

The ministers of Foreign Affairs came Monday no further than that in the EU, the British determination that Russia is most likely responsible “very seriously”. Allegedly wanted Greece and Hungary the debt to Russia. Apparently, these countries are now far. The netherlands showed himself to be also careful.


The states are now going to look at together for action should follow, taking into account answers which Russia gives to the questions especially the British have made. According to insiders, some member states are willing, in imitation of the United Kingdom Russian diplomats out. Additional economic sanctions are now not an issue.

The leaders decided that the EU is better able to defend against chemical, biological and nuclear risks, in cooperation with the NATO. Also more work to be made of counter-espionage and fending off threats like cyber attacks. The European Commission was given the assignment to work.

The British Prime minister, Theresa May was happy with the European position on Russia. “I welcome the fact that the EU agrees with the Uk position about the responsibility of Russia for the attack in Salisbury. There is no demonstrable alternative explanation for what happened. We must stand strong against the Russian threat to our values,” said May.

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