EU calls ambassador back from Moscow

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BRUSSELS – The European Union is calling its ambassador back from Moscow for consultation. The measure follows the adoption of the EU leaders Thursday night that Russia most likely behind the attack with nerve gas in Salisbury on the old-double agent Sergei Skripal. According to them, is that the only plausible explanation.

Under pressure from the British prime minister May, the German chancellor angela Merkel and French president Macron scherpten the member states in their condemnation of the attack. They disclaim expressly to Moscow. Some countries, including Lithuania, have already been prepared are shown following the example of the United Kingdom Russian diplomats out.

“You can see that the European Union is even further behind the United Kingdom will stand,” said prime minister Rutte about the tightening. That is, according to him, of great political meaning, and is “highly valued” by Theresa May. She has no additional evidence placed on the table that the Russians were behind the attack would sit down, continued the prime minister. “We have to be sharper to show that the EU this is unacceptable and we are behind England,” the tyranny of mark Rutte and the discussion of the last time together.

Next steps

“No one thinks now after about additional sanctions, but the measures taken is something which the coming time, we need to decide if it would be,” said Rutte further. The netherlands is so with the other countries looking at what “logical next steps” are. The EU ambassador said Rutte that that is not withdrawn, but “for the consultation recalled to Brussels.”

Óok Merkel considers further measures against Moscow. “We are determined to collectively respond.”

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