Congress, U.S. agree to budget for 2018

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. Senate and House of Representatives have agreed to a state budget the size of 1.3 trillion dollars of 1.05 trillion euros). With this decision, it is prevented that there is a new so-called ’shutdown’, a closure of non-essential government services of the U.s. government.

The budget runs until 30 september 2018. That is the day that traditionally the U.s. fiscal year ends. In the budget for the coming months, and additional money set aside for defence. The Senate voted with 65 against 32 for the budget, the House with 256 against 167 votes.

Expected to draw president Donald Trump the budget Friday.

In the plan is 1.6 billion for security measures at the border. That is still only a fraction of the 25 billion dollars that president Donald Trump wants to build a limes wall. Furthermore, in addition to defence money is spent on infrastructure.

The House of Representatives and the Senate had on Friday, at the end of the day, with the new budget plan have agreed to shutdown to prevent. All the administrations have now six months of insurance funding.

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