Blanchett ‘knew nothing’ about allegations Allen

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Cate Blanchett insists that it knew nothing of the misbruikaantijgingen to the address of Woody Allen when she worked with him.

The Australian actress worked with the controversial director on Blue Jasmine, a tragic comedy from 2013. “When I was with Woody Allen worked, I knew nothing about these accusations,” said the movie star on CNN.

“At the time, I said that it is a painful and complicated situation was for the family, that I hoped that they together could solve”, she continued against journalist Christiane Amanpour.

Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Allen, accuses the filmmaker of them to have her being abused when she was seven years old. Despite the heavy blame is All has never been formally indicted or prosecuted. Also, Blanchett watches sure too soon to draw conclusions.

“If the allegations are again under the microscope should be taken, what I believe is the case, I have the greatest confidence in the judiciary,” she said. “If it turns out that this case is reopened it should be, I support that absolutely.”

Following In the footsteps of fierce criticism on social media gave a lot of fellow actors to never to work together with All. Blanchett warns, however, that people on social media simultaneously “judge and jury” to play. “This kind of stuff should be in the courtroom to be handled. If the abuse really happened, there must be a process.”

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