Barrymore declares love to Jake Gyllenhaal

075d871c7b6078aff981ccc266a94509 - Barrymore declares love to Jake Gyllenhaal

Drew Barrymore, drew a lot of attention during the premiere of a new season, Santa Clarita Diet. The movie star torste on the red carpet in Los Angeles a sign with the text ‘I Love jake Gyllenhaal’.

The ‘liefdesbetuiging’ is the result of a weird joke. Earlier this week declared Barrymore in the The Late Late Show that she and the Brokeback Mountain actor, the least talented of the four colleagues found.

To be totally honest she was when not to, because if they Gyllenhaal not through the mud had taken, she would all kinds of viezigheden eating talkshowhost James Corden. “If I may, I will explain that I had betrayed, or kalkoenballetjes had to eat”, she informed. “It doesn’t matter to me, or he me, then hate, but I’m not going to eat.”

The plate is served, nevertheless, as these atoning sacrifice. Gyllenhaal is no stranger to the 43-year-old actress. She played together with him in the mysterious thriller Donnie Darko, a cult classic from 2001.

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