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Antwerp Giants in Sportpaleis in search of new crowd numbers for Belgian basketball game

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Tonight at the Sportpaleis of Antwerp for the biggest basketball game of the country. The ninth edition of the Night of the Giants brings Antwerp Gants versus Brussels, and with perhaps 17.250 spectators, also a new record for a Belgian basketball game.

Because it is the ninth edition, we bring you with 9 digits to get in the mood for the ‘Night of the Giants’. The audience tonight by the way nice prizes to win. A mountain bike, a trip, and if the Giants 80 scoring points to get the fans (on presentation of their ticket) in the Wijnegem Shopping Center and at IJsboerke a nice gift.

1. 17.250 fans and new record?

The crowd numbers for a Belgian basketball game is at 17.150. That was in 2016 on the seventh edition of the ‘Night of the Giants’ reach. With pitches and Hot Seats, the capacity will be increased to 17.250. A new record is possible.

2. Four defeats in as many victories

Over the past eight editions brought for the Antwerp Giants four wins and as many defeats.

3. 16th basketbalevent in 85 years Sportpaleis

The Sportpaleis is 85 years and brings to you tonight a sixteenth basketbalevent. In addition to the nine editions of the ‘Night of the Giants’, also three of the Harlem Globetrotters, Dennis Rodman and his NBA-legends and twice-Antwerp-Racing Mechelen in the sixties.

4. 70 Hot Seats

For the first time, takes the ‘Night of the Giants’ with Hot Seats. A seventy “better” places went out the door.

5. 1.500 Vips

1.500 Vips are, in the first instance in the Hospitality Center and the Backstage Lounge expected. Among them a few well-Known Flemish people and politicians. Minister-president of Flanders Geert Bourgeois, Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever, alderman for the Port Marc Van Peel and John Porter (CEO Telenet) are expected.

6. 1.200 meals

Up to 1,200 meals are there on the ‘Night of the Giants’ served.

7. 300 employees

To the biggest basketball game of the country in the right direction, there are 300 (o.a. safety, crew, came, parkingwachters, staff Giants) employees.

8. Roel Moors eight times on ‘Night of the Giants’

No player was on the nine editions of the party. Roel Moors made five as a player and three as a (assistant)coach of Antwerp Giants. He missed only the first edition of 2007.

9.100 persons provide entertainment

The ‘Night of the Giants” is also a portion of entertainment. As many as 100 people, DJ Robert Abigail, Teen Musical Team U. P. , the Art Gym, Flash Family Bboy Crew, and the Heat Dance Team will take care of the spectacle.

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