Antonio Banderas in april on tv as a Picasso

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That Antonio Banderas in the skin will crawl out of the world-famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso for the “Genius”-tv series of National Geographic, was in september last year, already announced. Today the radio station also announced when the series will be shown on television. “Genius Picasso” comes out on april 23rd in France and on television. A day later, the first episode broadcast in the United States.

“In the ten-part series looks at the old Picasso back on his life,” explains Banderas, who, like Picasso comes from the Spanish city of Málaga. “The series will have a broad look on the man and the artist.”

The recordings for the television series started in October last year and took place in Paris, Barcelona and Málaga. There are currently more recordings take place in Budapest. Soon there will be scenes shot in Malta. The will broadcast for the 23rd of april in France and april 24 in the United States. When the series in Belgium is broadcast, is not yet known.

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