Agent is voluntary in the hostage and is shot

e7d08d7d85a1611b2359735bbe09865d - Agent is voluntary in the hostage and is shot

During a hostage situation in a French supermarket has an agent voluntarily taken the place of a hostage. The agent is in mortal danger.

In a deadly hostage-taking in Trèbes has a police officer is a remarkable act carried out. The 45-year-old lieutenant-colonel of the local police was one of the first agents on the spot and tried to negotiate with the perpetrator, Redouane Lakdim.

The negotiations ran smoothly, which the police officer Lakdim proposed to himself the place of a hostage taking in the supermarket. That is confirmed by the French minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb. ‘The lieutenant-colonel went in, after which at least one hostage – possibly more – were released, ” said Collomb during a press conference. “When the police are around 14.45 hours, the supermarket invaded, they found the lieutenant-colonel was seriously wounded in the property. The man is fighting for his life in the hospital. What this man has done, is a real heroic deed.’

During the kidnapping, that nearly four hours passed, were three fatalities: the chef of the butcher department, a customer, and the perpetrators themselves. At least three others were injured. Terror group IS has the attack claimed, but that claim has not been confirmed by independent sources.

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