Zuckerberg is open for questioning Congress

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LONDON – Facebookbaas Mark Zuckerberg is open to a committee of the Us Congress to testify. That’s what he says in an interview with CNN in which he also regret expresses around the state of affairs with databedrijf Cambridge Analytica.

Mark Zuckerberg

“The short answer is that I would like to do if that is the right thing,” said Zuckerberg, who adds that Facebook someone will send with the most knowledge of the business. “If I am, I’ll be happy.” Both American and European mps want Zuckerberg to hear about the scandal.

“This was a big violation of trust and I’m sorry that this has happened”, the founder of Facebook also know. He indicates that some areas should be regulated for transparency. According to Zuckerberg, it was also a mistake to Cambridge Analytica to trust that the company the data of facebook users would remove.

The whistleblower wants to testify

The whistleblower that the scandal brought out is also prepared against American and British parliamentary commissions of inquiry to testify. On Twitter let Christopher Wylie know invitations of the commissions to accept.

It comes to the inlichtingencommissie and legal commission of the House of Representatives in the U.S. and a congressional commission in the United Kingdom. “It is time for our democratic institutions to take the lead”, tweeted Wylie.

Cambridge Analytica

The Canadian Wylie was working for Cambridge Analytica. Through his interviews in The New York Times and The Guardian came the scandal to light. Cambridge Analytica would personal information of tens of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen in the USA to do with the presidential campaign of president Donald Trump.

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